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It’s no secret that I love to use the platform to promote supporting great charities in the city, and across the country. Of course, with busy schedules, it can become a challenge to stay on top of charity events to attend, which is why I personally love when people make it even easier for everyone and anyone to get involved in supporting a great cause on a daily basis.

Since August 6th, The AIR MILES Better Bonus Event has been running across Canada, and is still on until September 6th. I highlight this now to give you one last week to get out there and put your AIR MILES cards to good use, esepcially since if you’re already a card hold it’s very likely you would be gathering points anyway.

Here’s the difference: during The AIR MILES Better Bonus Event, every Bonus Mile a Collector gets at Rexall using Better Bonus Event coupons, AIR MILES will donate a Mile to the Rexall Foundation. The coupon books are available in store and online – givings AIR MILES holders and Rexall shoppers an easy way to give back to the community during their everyday shop at Rexall locations.

The month long initiative will go a long way towards helping the Rexall Foundation to continue to make a difference in helping communities  they serve stay healthy and vibrant, with a focus on helping kids feel good.

And who are the kids that the Rexall Foundation helps? Meet Katie, who has Treacher Collins Syndrome, and discover her story from her experience at R.I.D.E. Muskoka (Respecting Individual Difference in Everybody) in support of – one of the many children’s charities that the Rexall Foundation works closely with, and donates to.

Meet Katie below!

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“I have Treacher Collins Syndrome, I have a cleft palate, and I have Microtia- which basically means my ears didn’t fully develop.

I used to hate my ears, I used to be so upset because I wanted to get them pierced like all the other girls. I used to long for ears that I could actually listen to music normally with. I constantly

feel like covering my face with my hair, and until now, I’ve never had a photo of myself with my ears totally exposed, let alone my hair just being in a ponytail.

I’m tired of feeling ashamed of my ears, just because they look different. As much as some days they make me want to crawl into a hole, they’ve also made me stronger. I want to celebrate that, I want to celebrate the fact that I’m unique, I want to celebrate the fact that I’ve made so many
beautiful friendships and that I have a whole family because of my

So I’m done. I’m done with people telling me I’m not good enough just because of the way I look. I’m done with strangers on the street pointing and staring. I’m done with the name calling and the negativity. I’m done with feeling like it’s my fault I was born the way I was, but because of all the love and support I’m so blessed to have, I now know it isn’t.

This is for my beautiful friends from AboutFace, who continually give me the love and support that I could not live without. They are the most hilarious, wise, generous, kind-hearted, and intelligent people you will ever have the honour to meet.

But they are also the people who go through so much crap that no one should ever have to go through just because they’re different. And I’m sooo very done with that.

Let’s make different a good thing. Heck, let’s make it a great thing! Let’s celebrate it.”

- Katie, August 28, 2014

katie's story

Now, can you think of an easier or better way to support such a great cause? Plus, during the AIR MILES Better Bonus Event until September 6th, 2015, every time you use a coupon to Collect with AIR MILES, you will be entered for a chane to WIN 1 of 4 prizes of 50,000 Miles plus AIR MILES will donate 50,000 Miles towards a charity of your choice!

To learn more click HERE.



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