Gracie Carroll by Eighty Seventh Street

My pre-teen years took place in the late nineties, when the females that dominated our headphones, TVs, and concert stages were the likes of Gwen Stefani, Shirley Manson, and, heck, even the Spice Girls. Love them or hate them, at least their motto was GIRL POWER! and, for the most part, they kept things pretty covered up.

Because I never had a big sister, I relied on these women heavily to guide me. Most importantly I believe they all taught me how to be a woman who could hold her own around the boys, and that you didn’t have to take your clothes off just to get a boy to like you, or give you the time of day.

When I turn on the TV, the radio, or look at anything on the internet, it worries me that people in these powerful positions of influence today, are choosing to sing with their clothes off for no good reason, and sing about getting high on drugs. All in a song that, musically speaking, isn’t even good. But that is a whole other matter.

Sure, a young girl can choose to look the other way, and find better role models — of course they’re still out there! But what worries me is that when the media is flooded with the same few people, the same few they want you to see over and over again, is it easy for them to know there is anyone else out there? In my experience, that kind of exposure came from the guidance of older girls, and boys, that I looked up to.

I like to think that I’ve turned out pretty okay, and that I can be a pretty good role model for younger girls. Miley Cyrus‘ recent VMA performance, for example, got me really worried that this is what young women are being influenced by, and that they might not have anyone around to steer them in the right direction.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was a kid/pre-teen/teenager, and I remember well how hard and confusing it was. So I’m putting myself out there and letting young women everywhere know that they can ASK GRACIE anything they want, whenever they need to by emailing [email protected].

What to wear? Boy trouble? Girl trouble? University? Travel? Grades? I’ll answer it all, as best I can.

Anyone who does write in will have the chance to receive an exclusive Ever After High gift courtesy of Mattel. Us older gals remember full well the influence our beloved fairy tales had on us, but today these tales come with a twist. Ever After High is the next generation of fairy tale legends, who are learning that destiny isn’t written in stone, and can be rewritten. Princesses in high school? Where was this show when I was a kid!?

Growing up isn’t easy, but you should never feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to. Please feel free to write in, or spread the message to anyone you feel might benefit!

Here’s a preview of Ever After High below. Careful, if you’re anything like me (yes, I still love to watch cartoons) you might become addicted rather quickly.