Having great skin has always been of more interest to me than wearing makeup. Perhaps it’s the tomboy that lives within, but aside from the basics (like a classic red lip and swipe of black mascara), makeup really just doesn’t do it for me and I choose to go makeup-free as often as possible. Unsurprisingly, it’s easiest to do this with the most confidence when my skin is looking and feeling great. My skin is by no means perfect, but I do try to take care of it as best I can on my own, and I get a professional facial anytime I can. In fact, the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris inside the Shangri-La Hotel happens to be one of my favourite spas to visit in Toronto.

Even though I rarely buy makeup products, I easily fill that void with trying all the best skincare products that I can afford. The latest to hit my beauty drawer? The new Caudalie Paris VINOPERFECT Radiance Serum that retails for $85.00 CAD.


This milky serum is super light and absorbent to get your skin feeling fresh and hydrated very quickly. Since I’m always in a rush (especially in the mornings), I don’t like anything that takes extra time to absorb, so this type of serum is perfect for me. While I don’t have a ton of dark spots (yet) I do believe that starting early with corrective products is one of the best ways to prevent aging of the skin. The Caudalie Paris VINOPERFECT Radiance Serum not only creates a radiant complexion, but corrects dark spots and prevents them from reappearing, helping your skin even out and be more radiant.


So how am I incorporating this radiance serum into my daily routine? See my 5-step process below:

Step 1: Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Since I normally wear a night cream or overnight mask when I go to bed I always start the day with a fresh cleanse and exfoliation.

Step 2: One of my main skin issues is dehydration so after cleansing I like to spritz a hydrating toner on my face and chest.

Step 3: Once the toner has absorbed, it’s time to apply the the Caudalie Paris serum! VINOPERFECT can be used day and night – I love double duty products.

Step 4: Apply a light and hydrating moisturizer.

Step 5: Apply sunscreen! Most of us remember to use sunscreen only during the summer, but it’s important to wear sunscreen all year.  To make it easier, look for a moisturizer that contains an SPF.

If you’re into achieving radiant skin as much as I am, this may be the next product you want to try too. For more information the Caudalie Paris VINOPERFECT Radiance Serum please click HERE.




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