Getting to host a slumber party  for a few of my closest girlfriends in a tucked-away luxury home in Toronto isn’t something I get to do every day, and the opportunity  certainly wasn’t one I was going to pass up when Samsung proposed the idea to me. A night alone with my friends in The More Room!? Sign us up!

The More Room is a private luxury residence in the middle of the city that Samsung has taken over for one month to showcase their incredible new Samsung 4K SUHD TVs in a setting that’s just as luxurious and technologically advanced as their latest product. To give you an idea of what this home is like, I imagine it to be the real-life home of a modern day Batman. I mean, who else would be better fit to live in such a cool, state-of-the-art home that not only makes you feel like you’re living in an art gallery, but is completely controlled by an app?

To make us feel comfortable and at home for the night, Team Samsung had graciously prepared a customized experience for us to enjoy. That meant lots of food and wine, including a special three-course meal for six that was catered just for us. We loved that everything in the house had a touch of Samsung to it, even including our side plates! For dinner we enjoyed everything from scallops to steak – we couldn’t have imagined anything better to make us feel like princesses for the night.

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Since I had revealed to Samsung that we love to kick back and have a laugh with some bubbles in hand, they were sure to have a few bottles ready and waiting for us to pop open and get the celebration started. I mean, it’s not everyday when you get to hang out in a place like The More Room with your besties, now is it?

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Of course no slumber party would be complete without favourite movies and shows on hand, so Samsung had our personal favourites ready and waiting which obviously (and most importantly) included the 90s cult classic, Clueless. As you can see from the photos above and below, the size of the new Samsung 4K SUHD is just enormous (the smallest is 65″ while the largest is 88″) with a crystal clear 3840×2160 resolution. While there was no argument over what to watch when we had our favourites such as Clueless, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, Ab Fab, and Nashville to choose from, my favourite feature of the new SUHD is that you can actually split the screen to watch different things at once. We all joked that this feature is sure to save many relationships out there now that ‘the game’ can be watched on a small or large scale, while a movie or other channel is enjoyed next to it. Did I mention you can also connect the sounds to headphones so you don’t have to hear any sport action at all? Heaven!

For any serial Skypers out there, the TV also has a built-in camera to make keeping in touch with your friends and family from around the world that much easier. With so many of my loved ones living abroad, this was definitely an exciting feature to learn about. I could just imagine how much easier it would be for my huge family to gather in front of an SUHD to say Hi to my brother who lives in Germany, rather than via a small iPad that doesn’t easily allow everyone to get face time when you’re gathered together. As you can see, we were totally happy to catch up while watching our favourite movies on the big screen, and enjoying some classic Party Mix too.

Aside from all of the cool Samsung TVs and gadgets around the house, probably the next best feature was, of course, the stunning infinity pool on the patio. It was hard to believe such a thing could exist at someone’s private home in downtown Toronto, but there it was. I even woke up bright and early at 7am to take a dip before I had to leave for work.

We LOVED staying at The More Room, thank you Samsung for one of the coolest slumber parties EVER!

For more information on the new SAMSUNG 4K SUHD TVs please click HERE.





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