A Look Inside The TD Your Story Your Future Speaker Series with Cheryl Strayed

Do you remember when, back in the day, we actually used bank books? I’ll admit, I’m a bit too young to have ever really used one, but I do remember being a very little girl and having a bank book from TD (in pink no less) from the day I was born. I’m proud to say that I’ve been a TD customer my entire life, and loved that this year I opened a business account with the same bank that opened my first bank account ever.

As an adult, and a small business owner, I’ve had to get serious about my financial decisions (especially over the past few years) and I love banking with a company that is putting their time, resources and efforts into providing the support that women need to be financially secure.

I’ve written about TD’s “Your Story, Your Future” program before (see my posts on Women Investing with TD and the 10 Key Lessons from The Women @ Work report), and I’ve been lucky to take part in Canada‘s first experiential investor program since its launch. TD has recognised that one of the key differences between men and women investors is a desire for a more holistic financial advisory relationship (um, heck yes!) that is based on setting and achieving life goals rather than simply hitting a financial benchmark.

So what is the #YourStoryYourFuture program exactly? It combines workshops and materials with inspirational speakers’ events to help women feel confident about setting and achieving their financial goals, address learning gaps identified by female investors and help them prepare for transitions in life.

Earlier this year, on International Women’s Day, I had the opportunity to attend the TD Speaker Series with Laura Vanderkam, author of I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make The Most of Their Time, held at the Rotman School of Management. I remember being so inspired by the event, and thoroughly impressed by how TD brought such a dynamic group of women together to mix, mingle, network, and learn, together. Since my last post focused on the results from the Women @ Work report, I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a look inside the event itself and a sense of just how great it really is. Hopefully, after this, I’ll be seeing you at the next one!

Here is a look inside the most recent TD Your Story Your Future speaker series featuring Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild:

A Look Inside The TD Your Story Your Future Speaker Series with Cheryl Strayed

The latest TD Speaker Series (that took place on September 27th 2016) was held in the beautiful Art Gallery of Ontario – one of my favourite places (and event venues!) in Toronto. I don’t get to visit the gallery as much as I’d like to these days, so it was a real treat to get hang out in such a beautiful Toronto establishment for an entire evening.

A Look Inside The TD Your Story Your Future Speaker Series with Cheryl Strayed

(image via @CasieStewart

My friend and fellow blogger, Casie Stewart, and I always have a blast together at TD’s “Your Story, Your Future” events. We both attended the speaker series featuring Laura Vanderkam in the spring, and we were so happy to see each other again at TD’s fall event. Although, of course, we have seen each other many times in between!

A Look Inside The TD Your Story Your Future Speaker Series with Cheryl Strayed

(image via @CasieStewart)

TD hosted a cocktail hour before the Speaker Series with Cheryl Strayed began, and treated everyone to drinks and tons of delicious food. Clearly, they also understand that women are hungry after work! At least, I always am and was very grateful for all the snacks. Even while you’re mingling and nibbling you can learn something new, like the fact that women in Canada influence $1.3 trillion – or more than half – of Canadian investable asset. BOOM!

A Look Inside The TD Your Story Your Future Speaker Series with Cheryl Strayed

After some socializing, it was time to sit down in the main room to listen to guest speaker, Cheryl Strayed, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wild. Firstly, it’s quite a special opportunity to get to sit front row (we could pick our own seats!) and listen to an incredibly successful woman who is loved by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton (for real) talk openly about her life and career, as noted by Cheryl during her speech. Secondly, it was truly inspiring to hear about Cheryl’s journey from growing up in poverty and with abuse, to becoming a world renowned and extremely successful writer. By the way, if you have not yet read her memoir about her 1,001 mile solo hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, you  might recognise the name ‘Wild’ from the recent film adaptation starring Reese Witherspoon that was nominated for an Oscar and is now streaming on Netflix. Should you watch it? Yes, but in my opinion, always read the book first.

For more information on the types of topics that are looked at under TD’s “Your Story, Your Future” initiatives, please visit the Women @ Work Rotman Report by click HERE.


Thank you for having me, TD!



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