For the first time in its 40 year history, Aldo shoes has launched a fragrance. “A is for Aldo” isn’t just one fragrance at that, it has three different scent options for women, and two for men. Before seeing their product first hand, I wondered how a shoe brand would effectively market a perfume (not easy). Props must be given, however, for their slick packaging and use of POP colours! Their tag line: “Scents defined by colour. Colour defined by you.” refers to their yellow, red, and blue options that can be selected to suit your mood or personality.

In case you’re not sure which colour will suit you best, you can take the colour test on their website to find out. By selecting nine images that you like, a mood board (you can see mine above) is created that determines your colour. I tried it out at the A is for Aldo launch party last night and it turns out I’m a yellow! This means chic, playful and alluring – very true, non?

While you can purchase any colour in a 75ml bottle for $45, I am obsessed with their little perfume rollers (pictured above) that retail for $15 each – perfect for your purse, and/or stocking stuffers!

ps. Last night the Aldo team brought in Alexandra Richards to DJ the party – that’s right, one of KEITH RICHARDS’ daughters! I’m not normally one to go up to fancy folk and ask for a pic, but I was convinced by non other than Sir Glen Baxter – and who could say no to him? Thanks G-Bax for capturing this very special moment of me and Alex in the DJ booth. Seriously, a Richards!! Sigh, I wish I was a rock legend’s daughter too.

Learn more about A is for Aldo HERE.