Looks can be deceiving.  In the case of Lacoste Live’s new autumn collection, looks are deceiving.  Though prints are in abundance this season, they have not always been.  Over the past 75 years, the iconic brand, Lacoste, has produced more solid, striped and colour-blocked shirts than they have prints.  It took them 18 years to transition from René Lacoste’s original white tennis polo shirt to solid colours; and another 19 years to begin introducing colour-blocking and stripes, with a comparatively minimal appearance of prints.

More recently, In Lacoste Live’s first season (2010) and Lacoste’s spring 2011 fashion week collection, Christopher Lemaire, just before his departure as creative director, explored the use of optical prints.  Though Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Lacoste’s current creative director, introduced some micro prints in last season’s spring 2012 Lacoste Live collection, they are nothing like this autumn season’s Lacoste Live collection or what he showed at Lacoste fashion week last month (Spring 2013; Sept. 2012).  Regarding the prints in Lacoste Live this season, there are a lot of prints that demand a closer look ranging from micro prints, Micah Lidberg’s “Live in the Jungle” capsule collection, and topography map prints.

Micro Prints.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista has put quite a spin on this season’s Lacoste Live micro prints.  Let’s take a closer look.

 Lacoste Live Printed Needle Shirt  £80.00

 This clever “mini books” micro print looks one way from afar, and another up close.  The print is quirky, fun, and, like the designer intended, plays a trick on your eyes.

 Lacoste Live Satin Sweatshirt  £85.00

See if you can find the crocodiles swimming in the waves.  Up close, this is a well-defined crashing wave print.  From afar, it is possibly easily mistaken for a wispy brush stroke abstract pattern.

Lacoste Live Ultraslim Fit Printed Polo  £95.00

The Lacoste crocodile is still playing hiding games.  There is an abundance of crocs disguised as a camouflage print on this pique polo shirt.   Lacoste Polo Shirts are not usually printed.  This season, the croc will not be denied.

Lacoste Live Printed Dress  £75.00

Lacoste Live Printed Tee-Shirt  £65.00

These two stylish satin looks give you another chance at the game, “Where’s Croco”? The croc has too much fun in the waves to come into shore. Can you find the croc in the zoom image?

Prints by Illustrator Michael Lidberg.

Micah Lidberg is Lacoste Live’s third capsule collection artist.  He is an American illustrator from Kansas City that has such a talent for depicting the vast and strange world of nature.  Here are a couple of looks from his “Live in the Jungle” capsule.

 Micah Lidberg Lacoste Live Polo  £105.00

Micah Lidberg brings to the surface what usually hides within the ocean.  The ribbed collar polo shirt is full of intrigue, colour and visual interest.

 Micah Lidberg Lacoste Live T-Shirt  £65.00

Here’s a black and white print depicting the intricate and mysterious jungle ecosystem.  A waterfall crashes down among the tropical greenery and lurking jungle creatures.

Topography  Map Prints.

Lacoste Live’s offering of topography patterned shirts is genius.  How many times have you seen shirts like these?

Lacoste Live Skinny Fit Printed Shirt  £95.00

These topography prints feature two kinds of mapping data.  The darker tone shows land and water surfaces.  The light blue version shows varying depths of water.

This season’s Lacoste Live collection certainly gives new meaning to “there is more than meets the eye”.  The prints are intriguing and full of detail.  From a fashion perspective, they show the incredible artistry of creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista and illustrator Micah Lidberg.

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