8 of The Best Hostess Gifts for The Holidays from Giftagram!

Sometimes I feel like giving a gift to your host or hostess is a lost art, but one that should not be forgotten – and can most definitely be brought back to life this holiday season. As a regular host of friends and family at #CasaGC, and even some public events, I know firsthand how much work goes into preparing and hosting a dinner or party, or both at once! In my personal experience, it’s always been a wonderful surprise to receive a Thank You gift from a friend, family member or colleague after hosting them, and I urge you to take part in this thoughtful deed this holiday season. Yes, it requires a little bit of extra effort and money on your part, but thanks to apps like Giftagram, finding the perfect gift for your host is not only easy, but fast too. I was flattered when my friends at Giftagram recognised my love for hosting and named me ‘The Hostess‘ in their fun 12 Personalities of Christmas campaign alongside notable personalities such as Chef Lynn Crawford as ‘The Master Chef‘, Kevin O’Leary as ‘Mr. Wonderful‘, and my friends Jenny Bird as ‘The Trendsetter‘ and Lauren Toyota as ‘The Wellness Warrior‘. As Giftagram’s designated Hostess of 2015, I picked out 8 of the best hostess gifts for the holidays to help you make finding the perfect gift even easier! See below for my top picks:

For The Busy, Coffee-Loving Hostess:

8 of The Best Hostess Gifts for The Holidays from Giftagram!

Anyone who takes on hosting during the holidays is very likely a (very loveable) over-achiever who regularly packs in their schedule to be on-the-go at all times. For this reason, it’s also very likely that this person will be a huge lover of coffee, as am I. This fun, ‘But First, Coffee.‘ print by Swell Made Co. is sure to make them smile, or squeal with delight should they open up a gold Bodum coffee press. You will definitely score double the points if you show up with both!

For The Chill, Home-Loving Hostess:

8 of The Best Hostess Gifts for The Holidays from Giftagram!

At some point, we all need some downtime to relax, especially after the holidays. Recognise your host’s hard efforts with a gift that will remind them to slow down and take time for themselves. These next three gifts from Giftagram would be a fabulous addition to any home spa! My choices include hand-blended natural salts by Gold Apothecary from Toronto, a luxe scented candle from the Vancouver Candle Co., and the Turkish bath towel from Pamuk & Co. Once again, all three together would make a particularly amazing gift basket for your hostess!

8 of The Best Hostess Gifts for The Holidays from Giftagram!

Here’s me in my Little Black Dress of choice for this holiday season kindly provided by the talented Montreal-based designer, Arti Gogna! No good hostess would ever be caught in their PJs or sweat pants when guests come over and I love that even if that’s the case up until the last minute, this dress can be slipped on quickly and doesn’t need anything else for the look to be complete. Ta-da!

For The Glam, Party-Loving Hostess:

8 of The Best Hostess Gifts for The Holidays from Giftagram!

Ok, so there’s an almost 100% chance that your hostess is a party-loving lady, but these gift picks are definitely for the woman who loves glamour. If a full bottle of Moet & Chandon is out of your budget, this mini bottle is a cheeky alternative that she’s sure to love and enjoy. Although buying perfume is quite a personal thing, Marc Jacobs daisy is a classic scent at this point, and I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like it. Plus, the bottle looks pretty on any vanity table! And if your hostess loves to make lists to stay organised, I’d recommend this chic box set of gold pens from Kate Spade to make her time writing place cards or thank you notes that much more fun.

And there you have it! My top picks for the best hostess gifts from Giftagram this holiday. Seriously, be that person who goes above and beyond this season by surprising your friends or family with a sweet treat they’ll remember forever.

Happy Holidays Everyone!



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