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You know, gifting chocolates, lingerie and jewellery on Valentine’s Day might sound cliché, but, trust me, these types of gifts will always be appreciated so long as they’ve got flare and a unique quality to them. Forget your nearest Hallmark or Victoria’s secret, here are my top 5 suggestions for shopping local for the best cliché gifts this Valentine’s Day:

1. Coriander Girl (for Flowers)

coriander girl

Take a quick glance at Coriander Girl‘s Instagram profile and you’ll see why you’re sure to please with one of their bouquets, even when its filled with everything but red roses. Located in Parkdale, Coriander Girl is the answer to a floral experience that doesn’t feel stuck up, or as though you’re about to purchase something suited for a funeral. If you want to show that your love will never die, opt for one of their fabulous dried flower bouquets!

2. Nelle Han (for Jewellery)

Nelle Han

Considering Nelle Han‘s debut collection was entirely inspired by the rose, I can’t think of a better designer to select jewellery from this Valentine’s Day. Two of my favourite pieces from her collection (shown here) are the Rose Stem Bangle (that can be worn on the upper arm) and Serenity Ring. As much as getting real roses is lovely, you really can’t beat getting a rose that would last, well, forever.

3. Giftagram x Soma (for Chocolate)

giftagram & soma chocolate

Soma is an absolutely exquisite destination for some of the best, and most interesting, chocolate in the world. Like anything, you pay for what you get. And so it should be no surprise that you would pay top dollar for Soma chocolates.

But there is good news for those who have got a lot of love to give on a tight budget. This Valentine’s Day Giftagram has teamed up with Soma Chocolate to offer a limited edition Ruby Red dark chocolate bar for the special day of love. The new Toronto tech start-up is a mobile gifting app that sends real, physical gifts via email or text. Those sent a gift will receive a notification prompting them to fill out a secure landing page before a beautiful wrapped gift arrives at their door. Best yet, the Soma Chocolate bar can be sent for only $1 with all proceeds from the Valentine’s Day promotion donated to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation! At that rate, and for that cause, I’d suggest Giftagramming ever crush you’ve ever had, in your life.

4. Fortnight (for Lingerie)

Fortnight Label

There is absolutely nothing worse than cheap lingerie. NOTHING. Think about it, already you have to wear something totally uncomfortable, but then you’re also forced to ‘feel sexy’ while awful scratchy fabric rubs against your skin? No. Thankfully, there is a wonderful answer to this made right here in Toronto. Fornight Label makes beautiful modern lingerie that *extra perk* could double as outdoor wear, when paired with the right pieces. Do us all a favour and give her something she’ll really feel beautiful in this Valentine’s Day.

5. Province Apothecary (for Beauty)

province apothecary

From perfume to lubricant, the all-natural made-in-Toronto skincare brand, Province Apothecary, has got you covered. Achieving true beauty shouldn’t involve deadly ingredients, so take the opportunity to support a local business, and clean beauty care. More into giving a spa experience rather than actual products? You can treat your special someone to a facial treatment at the Province HQ on Dundas West instead.

Looking for more local suggestions? Just leave a comment!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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