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When it comes to festival beauty looks, there are no holds barred and you can truly get as wild as your heart desires. Whether it’s covering yourself with temporary tattoos, exploring abstract new hair styles, or an optically shocking colour choice for your makeup palette, a summer music festival is the perfect opportunity to let your inner freak flag fly high. But this article isn’t about the wildest trends you can try at your next opportunity to become a festival style star. This is about the bare bones beauty basics you need to make sure you’ve packed in order to survive camping at an overnight music festival. So feel free to get as creative as you like with your look, just don’t forget to have these in your bag before you leave.


1. Biodegradable Face Wipes

When easy access to water (never mind a shower) is questionable, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got stacks on stacks of face wipes on hand to help you remove your makeup, clean your hands (and body), and freshen up overall. My recommendation would be to find biodegradable versions to keep it friendly for Mother Nature.


2. Cooling Face Mist

Since the majority of music festivals take place during the height of the summer, or in the middle of a desert, you are almost always guaranteed to be dealing with excruciatingly hot temperatures for days on end. For a quick relief that will also help hydrate and benefit your skin, bring a small bottle of cooling face mist that you can buy or make yourself.


3. Travel Size Anti-perspirant

With the amount of dancing, sweating and lack of showering involved at an overnight music festival, a good deodorant is an absolute must. Pack a travel size anti-perspirant (or a few) and keep the miniature version in your purse to have with you at all times without taking up space.


4. Dry Shampoo

As you can likely tell by now, this list mainly consists of beauty products to help combat party life in the heat when you can’t shower for days. Dry shampoo is absolutely necessary (for girls and guys) to help maintain freshness and bring new life to your hair when it needs it most.

5. Whitening Toothpaste

When access to showering is limited, you can at least rejoice in the fact that you only need a bit of water from your water bottle to make sure you start and end the day with a minty fresh mouth. So make sure you pack your favourite toothpaste! My personal favourite for everyday (and travel) is the Colgate* Optic White* High Impact WhiteTM/MC anticavity toothpaste to ensure cleanliness and a bright, white smile for all your snaps.


6.  Minty Fresh Mouthwash

Your dental hygiene may not be top of mind while camping at a festival, but, you’ll be thankful that you packed mouthwash as soon as you get there, even if you bring it in a travel size bottle. Trust me, it’s going to be the best thing in your beauty bag the morning you wake up without water at your campsite and need a quick way to freshen up before interacting with others. My personal favourite is the Colgate* Optic WhiteTM/MC alcohol-free mouthwash.

GracieCarroll_Colgate_FestivalBeauty - overnight music festival

7. Spray On Sunscreen 

With little shade and covered areas to hide from the sun available at most festival sites, it’s imperative to make sure you’re covered in a high SPF sunscreen from head to toe all day, every day. To make it even easier to apply regularly, bring a quality sunscreen that goes on clear from a spray bottle.


8. After Sun Lotion

Even with the use of a good sunscreen, your skin will be in need of some serious TLC after long days in the sun. You’ll be glad to get some relief by applying a soothing after lotion (or even aloe vera if you want a totally au naturel version) to help your skin cool off and restore itself.


9. Natural Bug Spray

Speaking of protecting your skin, no one wants to be covered in bug bites at a festival. Not only do they look, well, unfortunate, but they’re uncomfortable, painful and distracting too. There are natural bug sprays options that are effective and much safer for your skin. Look for anything that contains citrus oils to help repel pesky mosquitos.


10. Waterproof mascara

The last thing anyone wants is to get caught rocking out to a headlining band with mascara smeared all over their face, unless it’s an intentional beauty statement, in which case, rock on! To avoid any major mascara malfunction in the heat (or rain) pack a quality waterproof mascara that won’t move while you are.


11. Tinted Lip Balm

Long days in the heat can do a number on your skin, and especially your lips. Be sure to keep those puckers looking soft and plump with a good tinted lip balm that will help do double duty for both colour and moisture.


12. Moisturizer with SPF

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a moisturizing freak when it comes to my skin and especially my face. Regular sunscreen can’t be relied on for skincare and protection at a overnight summer festival, so pack a high quality moisturizer that also has a high SPF to care for your skin as best you can even when camping.


Have fun!!




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