Whether you’re a veteran or a first-timer at Toronto Fashion Week, it’s never an easy one to get through. Exciting, of course, but also long with a lot of late nights. Most of us in attendance at the shows are taking our seats in between or after work, or even school. When you’re juggling a hectic schedule that sees you racing across the city with hardly a minute to spare, there are some key things you come to rely on to make the week easier. Here are 10 things I can’t live without during Toronto Fashion Week:


1. The Moto Jacket:

    A good leather biker jacket is something that is essential to my wardrobe all year round. Even in the winter, I’ll layer them with cozy sweaters or fur, and wear them under a puffy jacket. When you’re on the go, it is such a key piece to have because it will make even the most basic outfit look cool in an instant. I am absolutely smitten with Danier’s Mila biker jacket from their new SS14 collection (in stores now!) which is not only an amazing cut, but comes in an incredibly supple black lamb leather.

2. Fab (but practical) Shoes:

    As much as I would love to show up in my highest, most jaw-dropping designer shoes, after a long day of work ain’t nobody got time to shuffle around slowly while choking back tears brought on by the sheer amount of pain shooting through your feet. Trust me, even if you have a seat with your name on it at Fashion Week, there’s more standing and waiting around than there is kicking back comfortably on your bottom. If you find yourself running in heels all day long (as I do) I’d like to introduce your to my secret weapon: shoes from Ann Taylor. It may seem unlikely, but Ann’s shoes are super stylish (thanks to Vince Camuto who now designs them) and are insanely comfortable. It’s literally like having chic pillows wrapped around your feet. The pair above are a particular favourite from their spring collection.

3. Statement Shades:

    You may have seen the front row pack wearing their sunglasses inside and laughed them off while thinking: “Pricks!” but believe me, those show lights are BRIGHT! Whether outside or inside, it is imperative to have a great pair of shades on hand at all times. These Dior cat eye’s are my current favourites.

4. Macbook Air

    Whether you’re covering shows or simply trying to get work done in between them, a Macbook Air is key to your week. Why? It’s so small and light that it won’t cramp your style. It literally fits into a chic oversized clutch, or pretty much any handbag. And hey, even if you’re not using it for work purposes it’s a great way to look busy when you’re feeling shy and don’t want to talk to anybody. It’s okay, that happens at Fashion Week.


5. iPhone/Camera

    Does anyone use a real camera anymore? Well, yes they (and even I) do, but, when I’m on the go I cannot let go of the ease and practicality of my iPhone — it’s just so compact! Personally I am not good at trying to juggle capturing images on a hefty SLR and an iPhone at the same time, so, I’ve ditched the big honking camera and decided to stick to my iPhone, only. And don’t forget to put it in a great case — not only for protection, but as key accessory.

6. Perfume

    Carrying around a bottle of perfume certainly isn’t in line with my ‘less is more’ approach to Fashion Week essentials, but a fresh spritz before you head out the door will always boost your mood, and confidence, especially if you’re heading to a show after a full day at work. Personally I love to keep tiny perfume samples in my purses for a quick freshen up when I’m out and about. Right now my scent of choice is Bottega Veneta’s newest perfume which reminds me of New York City in the springtime.

7. Red Lipstick

    Just like a spritz of perfume can change how you feel, a quick swipe of a good red lipstick can transform your look. Whenever I feel tired, look tired, or haven’t had time to ‘get ready’ before an event, I put on a bold lip and instantly feel like I can brave what’s next on my schedule, and any photo ops.

8. Emergency Makeup

    Hauling around your entire makeup bag doesn’t make any sense. If you’re like me, you probably have multiple makeup bags filled to the brim with all kinds of different products. Take the time in the morning to make yourself up, and then only take the essentials for upkeep with you. Ideally you can keep them at your office (if you have doubles of the products at home) if they bulk up your bag. The only things I can’t live without in my handbag are: red lipstick, lip balm, and mascara.


9. The Handbag

    Although not pictured here (hello, there obviously isn’t only one bag I can’t live without during Fashion Week), the bag is always a priority. I love to carry a bigger bag that can fit everything (even a pair of flat shoes!) and put a clutch bag inside so that you’re only carrying around what you really need when you reach your a show, or event.

10. A Power Snack

    Possibly the most important thing to pack when heading off to fashion week is a power bar. Seriously. These are long nights with no food, people! Fainting in front row is not something you want to do; avoid it by having a health snack packed in your bag.

Hopefully these tips will help you pack lighter, and wiser this week! Do you have a fashion week essential that you can’t live without that’s not on this list? Leave comment and let us know what it is!

Happy first day of Toronto Fashion Week everyone!


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