Sure, January may be the month when everyone is ready to get back into workout mode, but what if it’s too bitterly cold to leave your house and get to the gym? Although things have warmed up now, temperatures in Toronto dipped to -20 last week, making it an actual health risk to be outside. Aside from the weather, it’s often hard to find an hour or two in a busy schedule to dedicate to getting to the gym and working out. This lead me to call upon my friend and fitness guru, Jessica Morris, to show me how I can achieve a great workout in the comfort and convenience of my own home!

My girl Alex of I’m A Little joined us on the early Saturday morning to see how she could implement Jess’ tips to accommodate her crazy schedule too. Here are 10 great at-home workout moves that focus on your lower, upper and full body, and abs. Big thanks to Old Navy for providing our awesome workout gear!

*If you’re looking for a handy interval timer for your workout, Jess suggests using the Seconds app*

Warm Up: 3-5 minutes, walk up and down stairs, do jumping jacks, or skip (you do not need a rope to skip!)

Tip #1 *Lower Body*  Stair Climb


- Walk up a staircase one step at a time, descend normally


- Then walk up two steps at a time, descend normally.

*Repeat 4 Times*

Note: if you do not have stairs in your house use the stairwell in your building!

Tip #2 *Upper Body* Standing Push Ups


- Find a step that’s comfortable for you to create an angled plank


- Lower your upper body, and repeat

Advanced option: raise one leg

*Do 10-15 standing push ups*

Tip #3 *Upper Body* Hammer Curl Press


- Grab two water bottles or soup cans, or actual weights if you have them


- Hammer curl press up and pass the shoulders


*repeat 10-15 times*

Tip #4 *Upper Body* Tricep Dip on Stair or Chair


- Position yourself using a stair or chair


- Lower your arms to work your triceps, then raise your body to position 1 using arms.

Advanced: raise one leg, switch legs with each rep

*repeat 10-15 times*

Tip #5: *Lower Body* Squats


- Find a low, stable chair and place it behind you


- Squat down and tap your bum on the edge of the chair.

- Be sure that your knees don’t go over your toes.

* repeat 10-15 times*

Tip #6 *Lower Body* Single Leg Lunge


- Start in the lunge position, then step back.


- Switch Legs and lunge forward


- Watch that your  knee does not go past your toes

*Repeat 10-15 times*

Tip #7 *Lower Body* Leg Extensions


- To target your glutes, use a chair for support and extend one leg back


- Raise your leg in an upward motion, repeatedly. Imagine you are trying to touch an object above.

Advanced: Bend your leg

*repeat 10-15 times*

Tip #8 *Full Body* Squat & Press 


- Grab your water bottles can or weights

- Hold just above your shoulders and squat


- Stand up, raising weights above your head

*repeat 10-15 times*

Tip #9 *Abs* The Plank


- Hold your body still in plan position for 60 seconds

Variation: Plank on your elbows

*repeat 5 times*

Tip #10 *Abs* The Scissor 


- Find a mat, towel or rug to protect your back

- Cross your left shoulder to your right knee and reverse

- Scissor quickly for 60 seconds

*repeat 5 times*

All Done!


It’s always a good idea to have healthy treats and lots of water nearby to enjoy post workout! Thank you to Vega for hooking us up with their amazing protein products.

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