Summer is officially in its last few weeks; soon, leaves will begin to turn burgundy and orange, and barbeque parties will come to a halt. While sunbathing may be on a decline, there are far more pressing matters to concern one’s self with than the end of Frisbee in the park, namely replenishing the dewy quality of your skin before the chill of autumn threatens it.

Your skin provides an immediate, revealing look into exactly just how extensively you “soaked” in the season’s weather. The work you put in from May on through August to achieve that perfect natural glow, must now be balanced with a little effort to return luminosity to skin minus the bronzer.

With a drop in temperatures upon us, skin needs a quick revamping to ensure that you look just as refreshed as you did on the beach! Between the ocean’s salt water, the rooftop pool’s chlorine, and baking under a golden sun weekend after weekend at the cottage, chances are your skin is crying out for some much needed rejuvenation.

Just in time for fall, Olay is launching their new Pro-X Microdermabrasion + Advanced Cleansing System. Scheduled to hit shelves at the beginning of September, this product highlights the importance of maintaining a cleansing regimen, incorporated with the benefits of a gentle exfoliation treatment — something no amount of after sun can compare to when it comes to treating flaky summer skin.

Even with cleansing alone, small debris such as excess oils found in your favourite SPF, fragments of makeup, or even air-borne pollutants, can still become lodged deep into the pores of the skin. So, while skin may look squeaky clean on the surface, there is a good chance that residues have been left behind. The Pro-X system ensures that elements other than cosmetics are being removed, without being too abrasive or rough. And, for those who’d rather not empty their bank account on weekly visits to the spa, the extraordinary benefit of Olay’s latest product is that the results of an extensive spa quality treatment are realistically achievable for a fraction of the cost.

The tool itself features a soft bristle brush, which is used in combination with a daily cleansing face wash. After wetting the skin, apply the cleanser to the face, turn on the Pro-X cleanser, and begin the treatment process. There are also two speeds on the cleansing device: speed 1 is for a daily gentle cleanse, and speed 2 is for that daily deep cleanse. Rotate the cleansing brush in small circles to stimulate cleansing action. The other half of the Pro-X treatment process is the microdermabrasion function, which as we mentioned before, is a must for any who are looking to restore skin that has been dulled by too much sun and not enough hydration. For this treatment, there is a second cleanser, which is composed of a thermal crystal polish, meaning that once water is added to the skin, the product heats up to produce a warm, calming feeling.

If heavy sun exposure or outdoor activities were a frequent part of your summer lifestyle, the Pro-X Microdermabrasion + Advanced Cleansing System by Olay is a great way to replenish and restore skin, removing layers of dead surface skin aggravated by dreadful sunburn flakes, which overall helps even-out skin tone and pave the way for rehydration. With the “less is more” motto climbing to the tops of makeup trend lists this fall, come September, your skin’s natural radiance will be a beauty-must.

 Published August 26, 2013