Fragrance is like clothing; women and men alike cultivate something of a “scent wardrobe,” comprised of the faithful, the trendy and fragrances saved for special occasions. And, like your closet, the beauty vanity housing all those precious bottles calls for the occasional spring cleaning. Below are 10 reasons to quit hoarding, and start clearing room for the fresh and new.

For the Ladies

The Scent: L’Eau de Chloé
Notes: Grapefruit, peach, violet, rose petals, natural water of rose, cedarwood, patchouli, & amber.
Ideal Pairing: A carefree, spontaneous and feminine beauty.


The Scent: Vera Wang Princess Night
Notes: Wild Berries, watermelon, raspberry, jasmine petals, orange flower, passion rose, plumeria, crushed sugar, creamy woods, sensual musk & vanilla.
Ideal Pairing: A modern day gal who acts the damsel in distress for fun now and then.


The Scent: Love Sweet Love by Philosophy, available at Sephora
Notes: Grapefruit, floral notes, mango, fruity notes & musk.
Ideal Pairing: The bubbly girl-next-door, who drank out of the fountain of innocence.

The Scent: Burberry Brit Summer
Notes: Japanese tea accord, Italian lime, crisp green almond, icy pear, sugared almond, white peony, white musk, amber, & mahogany wood.
Ideal Pairing: A woman marked by refined grace, hiding a playful nature.


The Scent: Bottega Veneta Eau De Parfum
Notes: Brazilian pink pepper, Italian bergamot, oakmoss, Indian Sambac jasmine, & patchouli.
Ideal Pairing: Her generation’s Grace Kelly, she is a vision of sophistication and elegance.


For the Gentlemen

The Scent: Eternity for Men Summer by Calvin Klein
Notes: Roman chamomile, lush melon, juniper berry, cedar leaf, mimosa, violet leaf & amber.
Ideal Pairing: For the grown-up surfer dude i.e. he has a permanent residence.


The Scent: Black Xs by Paco Rabanne
Notes: Mint, coriander, juniper berry, wild flowers, sandalwood, musk & cedar wood.
Ideal Pairing: A masculine overachiever who knows the value of getting what he wants.


The Scent: Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection
Notes: Big Pony #1 Sport-lime & grapefruit, Big Pony #2- dark chocolate & musk, Big Pony #3- mint & ginger root, Big Pony #4 – mandarin & kyarawood.
Ideal Pairing: An outdoorsman who’d rather spend time walking his dog, than grooming in the mirror.


The Scent: Burberry Brit Summer
Notes: Lime essence, cold-pressed orpur, green mandarin, cardamom, fresh-cut ginger, clear jasmine, wild rose accord, cedar wood fraction, patchouli fraction, Indonesian orpur, Haitian vetiver essence, Oriental accord, tonka beans & white musk.
Ideal Pairing: Coming on strong is a tendency he’s turned into a valuable skill; this guy ain’t following no pack.

The Scent: Marc Jacobs Splash Tropical Collection (unisex), Rain, Kumquat & Hibiscus
Notes: Rain – cut grass, strawberries, Clementine, tropical rain, passion flower, orchid, beech amber, tree moss & musks. Kumquat – tangerine, bergamot, orange zest, kumquat, jasmine, tiger orchid, woods & blond cedar. Hibiscus – raspberry, mandarin, peony, hibiscus, tiare, freesia, musk, exotic woods & vetiver.
Ideal Pairing: A gentleman with a carefree spirit and unaffected charm. He shares everything with the woman he loves, including his scent.