Fall is a beauty junkie’s dream. And, without disappointment, this year our favourite makeup and skincare brands have a plethora of new products to go with the season’s runway trends. From primers to the perfect lipstick to finish off your new fall look, we test drive the best of fall 2013’s new beauty collections.


Matte is flat. Matte is dull. Matte is boring. Not the case anymore according to the fall 2013 runways. (Just see Nina Ricci’s fall/winter runway.)  A look dependent on applying a very light foundation, and using a clean finishing powder to hold it in place, finding the perfect base is key to a pristine matte look.

The trick is to have a lusterless glow, without using blushes, bronzers, or highlighters that will create unwanted shine and oil. The matte look strives to create a smooth surface, and the best way to start is to prepare your skin in its natural state. One of the most effective ways to prep and even out the skin is to use a face primer. Primers smooth surfaces and use a colour correction formula to diminish any unwanted, blotchy pigmentations in the skin. Clinique’s  Super Primer Universal Face Primer is oil-free, and works on all skin types. It also provides light-weight coverage to prevent skin from feeling heavy and weighed down after use.

Lock in foundation with a great mineral powder, such as Kat Von D’s Lock It Powder Foundation Matte Finish available at Sephora. With 24-hour protection guaranteed, this incredible powder will not leave streaky trails across the cheeks, and is free of parabens and fragrances, which means even the most sensitive skin types can indulge in this matte-inspired wonder.

For traditionalist who prefer their foundation be liquid, Clinique’s Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup is perfect for creating a flat even palette. On top of resisting shine, this foundation even resists sweat. Can this get any better? Just because matte looks repel shine, doesn’t mean experimentation with several stunning eye shadows is not possible. In fact, because the rest of the face is going for subtle, the eyes on any matte look are given a chance to really stand out. Try the Eyeshadow Duo in Faded Violet from Joe Fresh to quietly enhance those baby blues, warm browns, or emerald greens in a smoky plum hue.

Matte lipsticks can be not-so-user friendly i.e. lead to dry lips with cakey residue. Luckily, there are a new crop of matte lipsticks that do well at staying flat without actually making lips go dead flat. We like starting a matte lip out with a liner; our current go-to liner is BITE Beauty’s High Pigment Matte Pencil available at Sephora, this is also a good one to depend on if you’re planning to skip the lipstick all together and go with just a liner. If you want lips to have a slight moisturized sheen to them to offset your matte complexion, try Chanel’s Rouge Coco Hydrating Lip Crème Lip Colour (we like it in Icone, a pretty apricot shade), which uses Hydratendre Complex to lock in hydration, shine, and moisture, offering a final brilliant cream colour and full coverage. Sound kissable? We think so!


Release your inner feline with this season’s hottest trend. The classic cat eye look is back, but this autumn, the notorious effect is anything but traditional. The runways of Christian Dior, Anna Sui, and Jason Wu, brought us the cat eye transformed, from standard black to flashes of fluorescent neon colours accenting the upper and lower lash lines. Several of the cat eyes even mixed liquid liner with pencil eyeliner for a more dramatic effect. However, all inspiration aside, nothing says meow quite like the original graphic masterpiece.

Start with an eye primer to ensure eyes are bright and oil free, so that heavy eye makeup will bond to bare skin. Clinique’s All About Shadow Primer for Eyes preps the eyelid, helping eye shadow pigment get locked in place, plus render it smudge resistant. Once that’s on, try Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Eyeliner avaialble at Sephora. This eyeliner is waterproof as well as long-lasting, and has all the benefits of a true liquid liner, but in a unique gel formula. Because it is not a genuine liquid eyeliner, this version requires the right brush to get that signature slant. Try Bobbi Brown’s Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush available at Sephora for precision and drama.

To make your cats eyes stand out even more, throw on a pair of false eyelashes, like those from the Sephora Collection, to intensify your look, and take your own natural lashes to new heights. Finish off this look with a sultry lip colour, such as Joe Fresh’s Lipstick Duo in Mauve/Clear and a touch of blush in a dusty rose shade similar to Benefit’s Rockateur Blush. With eyes dressed up bold, you’re sure to be the cat’s meow.


Timeless elegance and glamour reminiscent of an early Hollywood era are beckoned upon this fall by the season’s array of red lips dominating catwalks including Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs. The shades and textures varied, from dark to light, glossy to matte, but the overall statement was the same: a look bold in its seductiveness and pure radiance.

Hollywood “glamour” is determined by rouge lips, full cheeks, subtle eyes and a thick brow. To get started, you’ll want to apply your favourite foundation (the ones mentioned under “Matte Madness” here would work), then move on to the cheeks. Mai Couture’s Uptown Blush Papier is worth giving a chance, if you’re open to trying something a little less conventional than the ol’ palette and brush. This blush allows for light coverage with a hint of shimmer, and is perfect for women on the run, as it requires no brush and no fuss.

For a sultry stare — as all the starlets from the silver screen once had — try Chanel’s Quadra Eyeshadow in Mystere. Composed of a series of greys and a crème colour, this palette is great for smudging up a smoky eye, and can even be dampened to produce a darker, edgier look. Finish up the eyes using Le Volume de Chanel Mascara to lengthen lashes and add remarkable depth. Old Hollywood glam wouldn’t be complete without defined eyebrows. Benefit’s Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel builds brows by adhering to skin and hair where there was none before, so for those with thin brows who want them thicker, this is the perfect solution. The gel is water resistant, and looks natural and is available in a darker or lighter shade.

Last but not least, the most important part of this look: the lip colour. Crimsons, scarlets and wine hues are all in style for this fall, so there are many a red to choose from. Try one of the reds from BITE beauty’s Luminous Crème Lipstick collection; the beautiful variations of the shade will give everyone their own perfect in classic red for an irresistible pout. And finally, for the finishing touch, spray on Thierry Mugler’s Spirit of Alien perfume; a refillable, limited edition item, this scent envelops its wearer in a soft, sensual musk with notes of warm amber, jasmine, and vanilla. Breathe in the scent of Old Hollywood.



Glorious golds and vibrant oranges are appearing on more than just the changing leaves this fall season. From the runways of BCBG and Givenchy, rich oranges and coppers were used on the eyes to produce a vibrant look without going overboard. Perfect for fall, the orange and coppery tones create a beautiful look that incorporates simplicity and ease, and captures the essence of a crisp and wonderful fall day.

Since copper and orange shadows are striking individually, a minimalist approach to the rest of the look is appropriate. Shiseido’s Sheer and Perfect Foundation works barely-there wonders on the skin, is oil free, plus has the benefit of SPF 18. Pair it with Clarins’ s Limited Edition Graphic Expression Face and Blush Powder for a light highlight around the cheeks. This multi-purposed blush mixes light and dark beiges, as well as corals to sculpt and illuminate the skin, and even has a tint of gold to use as a highlighter. Bonus: white tea extract has been formulated into this compact to protect against pollutants that may come in contact with the skin on a day to day basis.

For the eyes, try matte oranges or shimmery copper eye shadows to mimic the pumpkin inspired beauty trend. NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Mediteranee available at Sephora is a favourite option of ours; combining muted gold shimmer with a burnt orange shimmer, Nars offers a wearable everyday shade. The burnt orange looks stunning when applied to the creases of the lid, while the gold shimmer highlights the brow bone and inner corners of the upper eyelids. For an ultra dramatic appearance, the burnt orange can be used to line underneath the lower lashes for a full rounded glow.

As with the cat eye lips are best kept neutral when eyes are the true focus, and Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Melba delivers a soft apricot colour that is still within the copper range, yet very subtle and minimal.

All that glitters isn’t gold. In fact, it can be just about any colour as long as that irresistible, sparkling shine is captured and illuminated. Glittery metallics dazzled the runway at Chanel, upon lashes and lids alike. Often accompanied by a smoky shadow, the glitter craze has shimmered into the trends of this season. Metallic looks can focus on a monochromatic colouring scheme, or incorporate the hues of any and all of the precious metals, including silver, bronze, and gold. This particular type of look has a tendency to highlight the eyes, and therefore neutrality (or something more on the pretty rather than bold side) for the rest of the look is ideal.

YSL’s Pure Chromatics Eye Shadow in No.12 combines dark charcoal, steel grey, and icy silver colouring to maximize the depth and drama of the eyes. By applying a small amount of water, these shadows can transform into deeper pigmentations that are more intense than before. Next, lightly brush on a satin finish blush across cheeks such as Chanel’s sheer and silky Le Blush Crème de Chanel.

Last, make lips shine with an irresistibly intense gloss with one of the shades from Estée Lauder’s Pure Colour High Intensity Lip Lacquer Metallics Collection. Each colour is packed with a brilliant shimmer and shine, and available in 4 gorgeous options. And, should you be interested in taking your metallic look to a whole other level, incorporate some nail colour into your look. Try Dior’s Mystic Metallic Collection in Destin for a silvery-lavender colour that falls perfectly within the limits of the glitter realms.

Published September 6, 2013