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21 05, 2011


Yippeeee! I've been waiting for my very own ELLE cover since I started and now i've finally got one! Best leaving card of all time. Mucho thanks to the amazing art interns - Andrew & Natalie - for making this for me. I love how they added "How To D...

19 05, 2011

The Chanel Story

My Chanel sandals are the latest to star on ELLEUK.com's What We've Bought This Week (even though I bought them at christmas). Click HERE to see what I had to say about them xo

19 05, 2011

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Check out the new friendship bracelets me and Lauren are sporting! Not only are they super cute but their purchase is helping to create a breast cancer-free future. The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer bracelets are available in four different styles, we ...

17 05, 2011

What I Wore To Work Today…

Sadly I am in my last week at work, so obviously for my last What ELLE Wears outfit I just HAD to bust out my amazing Chanel sandals! Did you do a double take when you saw my picture, almost mistaking me for MK Olsen? Thought so. We are practically twi...

16 05, 2011

Country Folk

For some reason this shoot makes me think of The Craft - you know, that scene in the country side with all the butterflies? Yea, that one. Except less gothy and more hippie-folksy. Its a Monday and I could really do with float in a petal-filled bath/po...

12 05, 2011

Its A Girly Girl Thing

Last night I spoke to a friend over the phone who is currently on the verge of a nervous break down that has been brought on by the "androgynous" trend. "All the chicks are dressing like boys!" he said. Well, yes, its true. Girls dressing like boys, bo...

11 05, 2011

Eat Me

Lindsay is a vampire.

11 05, 2011

Oh Caroline

I love this pretty, summery & girly shoot from Plaid Mag - sweet like candy!

9 05, 2011

What I Wore To Work Today…

Look at the little Phillippina and Gracie love story featured in today's What ELLE Wears! Yes it's true, we love each other very much - and don't we look good together! Today I'm wearing: Lowon Pope dress, Alexander Wang sandals, trusty Brick Lane sung...

9 05, 2011

By Florian M.

London-based Parisian illustrator, Florian Meacci, is the latest talent I've added to my roster of fashion illustrators that I love. From his simple pen strokes to fine details, there's just something so delicate and sensitive about his pieces. You bet...

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